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Resources for Electromagnetic Simulations

We enable photonics scientists and engineers to obtain results quickly and efficiently
by providing everything necessary for electromagnetic simulations in research and development

Software Packages

Our state-of-the-art software tools with Python API provide trusted capabilities for electromagnetic design and modeling spanning a variety of photonics applications.


Cluster Computing

Instantly deploy our latest software on a scalable cluster via AWS EC2 for all needs: from small prototyping on a few cores to large jobs on hundreds of nodes.

Fast & Comprehensive
Technical Support

We provide full support for setting up simulations, launching jobs, and post processing results for $100/month. We also offer training and custom, turn-key solutions.

World Leaders in
Computational Electromagnetics

Our founders have a prolific academic record as the developers of popular open-source software packages.
These software tools have been consistently advancing the frontier with new capabilities and features.

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